Mobile Applications

Mobile App Development

Whether you’re a bootstrapped startup, a small or medium-sized business, or a funded emerging technology company, we understand the unique challenges you face each day. Our Mobile practice currently focuses on providing product development, testing and support services on Android, iOS and Windows Mobile Platforms. Recent analyst estimates forecast that smartphone shipments will swell to 750 million in 2016, with 300 million tablets, 100 million e-readers and 91 million handheld game consoles also expected to ship that year. Android platform as we know is already available in over 80 different devices by different manufactures. We also have a partner company which is completely dedicated to training on both Android and iOS platforms and soon on Windows Mobile and Blackberry.

We understand our customers’ detailed requirement on how you visualise your App to turn out and we look forward in developing an App which will exceed your expectation and take your customers by storm. Having a passionate team on app development we look forward in partnering with our customers in actually bring to life the concept and making it work in real world.

Our special interest area is at developing apps for E-commerce customers because of the massive surge in Mobile shopping—particularly on tablet devices. It is having an outsize impact on the ecommerce world, contributing to an increasing share of US retail ecommerce sales and exerting more influence on overall retail sales.Last year, 15% of online retail sales took place via mobile devices, according to eMarketer, up from 11% in 2012. By 2017, the percentage will rise to 25%. US retail mcommerce sales is expected to reach nearly $39 billion in 2013, up 56.5% over 2012 and almost triple the amount spent in 2011. This includes products and services ordered online via any mobile device, whether payment or fulfilment happened on mobile itself or in person.

QA & Testing

Almost 80% of the smart phone market is dominated by the android operating system and last year alone there have been 11,869 distinct android devices seen. And when an App is developed it is possible that user view the App in almost all of these devices. In order to let the user have the best experience the App should be made to suit almost all the devices and for that extensive testing is required.

We aim and are passionate about developing App for our customers which brings out the best user experience to the end customers. This applies same for all the other technologies we work on from ios to windows phone. We put the app through rigorous testing and a quality assurance practice to ensure only what our customer intended goes live.

Enterprise Mobility

With the sudden explosion of the smart phone and tablet computer market, more and more enterprises are starting to make use of this platform to increase the ease of use for their employees and their productivity. Enterprise Mobility is an emerging discipline within the enterprise that has become increasingly important over the past few years as more workers have bought smartphone and tablet computing devices and have sought support for using these devices in the workplace. With the increasing concept of Bring your Own Device (BYOD) practice, Enterprise Mobility is gaining traction and is seen as the future of Enterprise Management.

The main challenges of determining the right enterprise mobility strategy for an organization is to relate the available mobile IT to the overall purpose of the work conducted, to determine how closely the business process should be aligned to the mobile IT, and how to support mobile workers when they are using these devices in the workplace. We at Auriss are keen on making Enterprise Mobility work in favour for both the Company and its Employees and provide the best Return on Investment for our customers.

Support Services

We are always with our customers’ right from the initial idea phase to the launch phase and through the operation phase. We support our customers even after the completion of the app development to ensure our customers are best supported as per need. We also support our customers to form a strong marketing strategy to enable them standout of the million already existing Apps. The strategies followed by the Auriss team for marketing involves

Pre-launch strategy

App store optimisation

Launch & Marketing strategy