Cloud Computing


Another strategic focus area is Cloud Computing. We provide consulting and development services on and training through our partner company on the broad spectrum of Implementation, Customization, Architecture and Development on the SFDC platform.

Cloud ERP is an approach to enterprise resource planning (ERP) that makes use of cloud computing platforms and services to provide a business with more flexible business process transformation.To some industry experts, the promise of cloud computing is that it will provide an opportunity for business to completely transform how it uses and pays for information technology. For example, cloudsourcing legacy ERP applications might eliminate the need for a business to purchase the necessary server and storage hardware and maintain it on site which, in turn, has the potential reduce operational expenditures (OPEX). Other industry experts, however, point out that the problems associated with ERP software deployments -- such as integration problems between ERP modules and a company’s legacy systems -- would simply transfer to the cloud.

We support our customers in setting up a new cloud infrastructure for their Enterprise and also in migrating from a legacy system to a cloud environment.